let’s get personal

Hello everybody. It’s about time to get a bit personal. My name is Lucie and my husband Ignacio and I we love nature, hiking and travel. Sorry, let’s not forget about good food (grottoes, am I right?)

I am originally from Czech republic and Ignacio is Spanish. We’ve lived in Asia for 5 years and we visited so many amazing places but further we traveled more we wanted to rediscover home:Europe.

Last 2 years we’ve been living in Ticino and we dedicate almost all of our Sundays to hiking.

We have a 4 year old son Mateo who is doing all the hiking with us and 6 month old son Elio who is comfortably tucked in the carrier. They are our “limitations” in term of distances or difficulties of the hikes but being able to share the beauty of being outside and the adventure is just the best. Hopefully we will raise 2 nature enthusiasts.

All the posts here are about the places we have visited. The majority of them are easily reachable max. 1,5 hours driving from Lugano doesn’t matter if in Switzerland nor in Italy. Few of the posts are from our vacations outside of Ticino in Switzerland.

Hopefully this blog will save you some time researching where to go this Sunday.

You can follow me on instagram www.instagram.com/inlugano or our international adventures www.instagram.com/lucieonthemove or our family page http://www.instagram.com/mateoalija

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