One of the hikes from brochures you can get in tourist info centers. This particular one is in Malcantone area. It’s circular and has around 7 km. [Some site i’ve seen before the hike stated that the total time of this hike is about 2 hours, which be aware, specially with younger children, is NOT.  It took us almost double]

What I particularly like about this hike is that there are many points of interest on the way and my son couldn’t wait what else awaits us.

Specially “Miniere Baglioni e Franzi” impressed us.

Another stop we enjoyed was “Castello di Miglieglia”

There are couple of “serious” downhill uphill situations in the end of this circular hike so just be prepared for this. I can’t wait to come back in summer when you can enjoy more the rivers you cross, the grotto you pass and the longer days.

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