These gorgeous spring days are simply made for hiking.  Today’s itinerary is: Sentiero storico naturalistico di Sonvico. With the baby we could do only the first part of the hike but i’m telling you, we will be back.


The route starts in the village Sonvico. The parking itself has amazing views of Lugano.


After a short walk through the village the path leads to the woods. You descent to this magical wild garlic field next to the river. It’s hard to believe that we are only 15 min. from Lugano.


On the  way you’ll pass old mill, washhouse and countless bridges.

Last part of this section of the hike is an old water duct.

Afterwards there is a change of scenery and you’re heading to the rural area.

Here, below the ” I denti della vecchia”, we finished our trip for today.


This hike is absolutely suitable for kids. It’s very variable, plenty different things to see and there aren’t much up and downs.

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