We were following the success of spontaneous visit of the Castello di Mesocco and we stopped to see the nearby Buffalora waterfall.  (check the post for Castello di Mesocco)

We parked in the pizzeria that is bellow the waterfall.


From there there is a path leading towards the waterfall. These are the views from the end of the trail.


And these are the views for  bit more adventurous who dare cross the rocks of the river.

Being so close to this massive waterfall is pulse accelerating. This picture serve to see the scale. (compare size of Ignacio with the size of the lower waterfall)


I love how the waterfall moves, changes, dances with the wind.


I have to publish this picture. It seems that Ignacio is trying to drown Mateo….hahaha Mateo loves water and he wanted to touch it and play with the stream


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